FNX retirement?

So on coinmarketcap.com f n x can be scene showing profitable volatility. However when I some swap exchanges it says it’s retired. Is f n x still being traded actively and currently?

One more question. Why is it that on coinmarketcap the price is so much different then on the coin exchanges? There’s a pretty big difference in fact

Thank you so much

fnx rebranded to PHX (Phoenix finance)
all FNX on every trading platform is worthless, so CMC data is unreliable.

Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated.

According to coinmarketcap.com fnx went up 9000 per cent in one day! Does anybody know why a retired coin can do this?

And just to make things totally aggravating and confusing another coin called Silver way increased in price even more dramatically than fnx and it is also discontinued according to their website!!??